Prof. Dr. Luminita GEORGESCU

Perspectives on Health and Active Lifestyle Promotion in a Globalized World

A healthy lifestyle can be described as one which helps to maintain and improve people’s health and well-being (WHO, 2018). Studies have shown that there are some areas of intervention which can greatly impact the risk of chronic diseases: healthy eating, physical activity level, healthy body weight, stress management, etc. Globalization is primarily an economic process of interaction and integration among people companies, and governments worldwide (Guttal, 2007). In respect with health promotion, we can mention the new European Health Policy Framework (Health 2020) of WHO which aims to support actions at large scale in order to help reducing health inequalities and improving governance for health in accordance with the principles of universal rights, equitability and sustainability.
Starting from the strategic objectives promoted by the WHO and UNSDG, we consider as most relevant for our domain of practice those reffering to Global School Health Initiatives, Healthy Municipalities and Communities, and Health Promoting Universities. Examples of programs that achieve these goals are those promoted by GCH in partnership with HOPSport US. We can mention also the examples of projects developed and implemented by the international GCH team, especially those regarding the involvement of people from vulnerable cthegories, which can lead to the extension of health promoting network, and also new collaborations and partnerships, by involving schools, institutions, universities, communities and policy makers. Recent researches focus on the analysis and the perspective of developing community health as an effect of globalization and expansion of population migration. The role of the universities is that of coordinating the scientific research activities which propose and demonstrate the value and efficiency of the intervention models.

Prof. Dr. Luminita GEORGESCU, MD, Ph.D


University of Pitesti, Romania




Prof. Dr. Luminta Georgescu is a well reputed profesional from the University of Pitesti, Romania. Having more than 24 years of experinece in Sports Medicine and Sports Scince Domain, she is the author/co-author of 5 books and over 100 scientific publications and conference papers at national and international level. She serves as scientific adviser for doctoral studies in Sport Science and Physical Education and also as Sports Medicine physician, and scientific reviewer/collaborator for international scientific journals. Besides being involved in activities promoted by prestigious international organizations like the Foundation for Global Community Health (GCH) – as member of the Board of Directors; IASK – as Presidium Member and ICSSPE – former Executive Board Member, the professional experience of Prof. Georgescu includes also: Regional Expert Assessor for the National Council for Adult Vocational Training and the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education; former member of Board of Directors of the World Leisure Organization (WLO) President of the Medical and Anti-doping Commission at Judo World Cup, Bucharest (2005-2008), Sports Medicine Physician of the Judo Male Olympic Team (2002-2008). Her sustained professional work resulted in: coordinating or being a member in many research projects; being invited/keynote speaker, member of the scientific committee/participant at important scientific conferences, as well as winning national and international awards and distinctions.