Physical Activity in Hospital Schools, the Fundación Cardioinfantil Experience

Actual health care improvement is a global concern that requires the integration with education in the search of patients, care givers and community empowerment towards selfcare and promotion of integral health.  (Céspedes, J; Fuster et al, 2013). The pediatrics’ research group of the Fundación CardioInfantil has worked over more than 20 years among the importance of this health education connections. During the last 10 years specially through Hospital Pedagogy HP not only for ill pediatric patients, but also as a way of promoting heath at schools and community through social responsibility (Violant, V. coor, 2016). In this sense, for us the work developed has led us to conclude that “education is the way and health is an outcome” (Céspedes, J. & Céspedes, M, 2019). Our participation in different collaborative alliances both for research as well as for intervention, have allowed us to strengthen the idea and practice that health education work must be carried out in the family – school – health triad, from the self-care and care components to social phenomena. This also applies to children living chronical illness and having to study their scholar education at hospital schools. This is the main intention of the conference presentation, how to articulate hospital school-based intervention with physical activity as a key for life quality and integral wellness in health. (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, 2010).  Our aim was to install the physical education class in the hospital school service (which belongs to hospital pedagogy program), (WHO, 2009) to instill positive changes in children’s knowledge, attitudes, and habits (KAH) related to a healthy lifestyle. This conference describes the development of the strategy and our main outcomes with children’s and youth adherence to physical activity.



Coord. Pedagogía Hospitalaria Fundación CardioInfantil, Bogotá, Colombia
Clinical Psychologist. Siembra Transformaciones
External Teacher, Expert Course in Hospital Pedagogy
Universitat de Barcelona




Psychology from Los Andes University from Colombia, Specialization in Integrative Gestalt Therapy from the Claudio Naranjo’s school: Transformación Humana, Colombia. Master’s in clinical psychology at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Postgraduate in Hospital Pedagogy of the University of Barcelona. With 13 years of experience accompanying human development processes integrating health education, clinical psychology, psicosocial, playful and pedagogical interventions with the vulnerable population well as executive coach.