Dr. Susilo BROJO-no

Dementia Prevention Through of Physical Activity/Exercise: Indonesia Perspectives

Elderly is a life process that can’t be avoided by all humans, aged 60 years and over is a susceptible age with dementia. Dementia one of the diseases that often experienced, with the decline in body function resulting in progressive destruction of cognitive functions without the accompanying disorder of consciousness commonly called dementia, this causes the elderly can’t move well Cognitive function is a complex function in the human brain that involves aspects of memory, either short term or long term, attention, planning, and reasoning in thinking. Cognitive function also involves the cognitive aspects of a person, such as language and vocabulary. According to Director-General from WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus estimates that the entire World population affected by dementia can triple from 50 million to 152 million. While in Indonesia the number of population aged over 60 years reached 21.4 million people, from the results of research 25% infected density so that the population of Indonesia who are likely to suffer from dementia in estimate 5.35 million. Physical activity and exercise is one way to suppress the occurrence of cognitive function decline that becomes an important factor as a cause of dementia in a person, especially in old age. Regular physical activity and exercise can boost the formation of new brain cells and prevent damage to cells in the nerve fibers. So the symptoms of dementia can be recognized early and given the type of exercise that can prevent dementia.

Dr. Susilo BROJO


Secretary General, ACESS
Scientific Adviser, Foundation for Global Community Health (GCH)
Faculty of Sports Science, State University of Jakarta, Indonesia




Dr. Susilo was born 22nd March 1973 in West of Java, completed his bachelor degree in 1997 and Master’s Degree in Physical Education in 2001 at State University of Surabaya, and a Doctoral Degree in Physical Education and Training in 2013 at Central China Normal University, China. Presently Dr. Susilo is working as senior lecturer in Department of Physical Education Faculty of Sports Science State University of Jakarta, and foreign affair staff. Since 2011, his is also as Executive Board Member ACESS (http://acessasia.com/Home/Committee). Currently he is assistance secretary General ACESS. He is now developing Sport in sport science faculty state University of Jakarta to be international standard and concern for Physical Education. On May 2015 host International Conference of Physical Education and Sport (ICPESS) as Organizing Committee. He is strongly committed to projects that focus on Physical Education in Indonesia. He has attended academic and professional meetings in more than 15 countries, such as GOFPEP 2014 South Africa, ICPESS 2015 India, 2015, ICSPHW Philippine 2016, GOFPEP 2016 Turkey, ICPESS 2017 Thailand, IPEEC Taiwan 2018, ICPESS Turkey 2018. 6th MoHe Conference Malaysia, Highscope Indonesia, Asian Game Conference Philipines, Sino-US HSME 2019. “Keep moving Be active be healthy”.