Physical activity and cognitive performance at school: from theory to practice

Nowadays there is great interest in studying the effects of physical activity on cognitive performance during childhood and adolescence. Advances in neuroscience have provided much clearer information about what happens in the nervous system when doing physical activity and how this influences the development of cognitive processes and functions. Although clear and conclusive experimental evidences are not yet available, some of the factors that contribute to increasing the effects of physical activity in improving the cognitive system are beginning to be known. This symposiun has a double theoretical – practical approach. Within the first, we will proceed to highlight the main existing lines of research on this topic and what results allow us to extract practical application considerations. Subsequently, 3 practical workshops will be held on a rotating basis, where ideas and practical resources will be provided to increase the influence of physical activity on cognitive function from Physical Education in Primary school (6-12 years of age). These practical activities will be developed from three main curricular areas: Invasion teamsports, combat games and sports and dance / corporal expression.



Senior Lecturer – Faculty of Education – University of Barcelona




Dr. Albert Batalla, Ex-Dean of the Faculty of Teacher’s Training at the University of Barcelona (UB) between 2008 and 2014. Senior lecturer with the Department of Applied Didactics at the same university. Previously coordinator of the Physical Education Program at the UB Institute of Education Sciences, coordinator of the university master’s degree Motor Activity and Education, and coordinator of the pre-EHEA bachelor’s degrees in Physical Education and Musical Education offered by the Faculty of Teacher Training. Research fields: Motor skills, motor learning, moral education. Coordinator oh the work tea: «Physical activity, Chidhood, School and Cognition» IDP UB.

Participants: Gabriel Díaz (Garbí); Marc Guillem (UB)
Practical workshop: Anna Aranda (Claret), Dr. Josep Cabedo (URL), Dr. Jordi Calvo (UB), Mary Carmen González (UB),
Dr. Miguel Ángel Lira (Departament d’Ensenyament, UB), Dr. Sergio Moneo (UB), Eric Roig (student)