Distributed Ledger Technologies and Blockchain: Impact and Effects on Predictive Analysis in Wellness and Healthcare

To keep up effectiveness, quality service and care in a demanding industry such as health and wellness in growing and aging global populations, resource and data management play a major role in affordable and efficient service delivery. Blockchain technology-based service delivery platforms enables preventative wearables and different types of sensors to monitor genealogical weakness points recorded in artificial intelligence (AI) applications analysing data streams together with medical resources. Health records will allow for the addition of wellness records e.g. fitness tracker data stream, dietary programs etc. supplementing health records for AI systems to more accurately analyse patient conditions and implementation of interactive care and preventative care programs. Paradigms how blockchain could change healthcare and wellness: Secure interactive communication and results platform for patient and permissioned 3rd party access; distributed data storage with modern encryption; Blockchain-based smart contracts focusing on patient outcomes; Importance of connection and reach in remote areas; Patient wellness motivation; Wellness and health activity rewards programs; Provider collaboration and analytics; Value-based care; Providers of reimbursed care-insurance; Prescription medication provenance; Optimizing cost savings on competing service providing, pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers; Improve traceability of medicine and related products. The impact of interoperable Blockchain networks, combined with AI, AR/VR, IoT and Robotics in the health and wellness industry is only the beginning of an entire disruption that will change the way of population longevity.



Co-Founder and CEO: Core Group International
Bsc Compt degree in Accounting and Commercial Law and an MBL




Michael Loubser holds a Bsc Compt degree in Accounting and Commercial Law and an MBL. Michael has been in the digitization and communication networks industries for 19 years, leading development teams and working across digital identity, supply chain and operations, business strategy, financial services and internet of things platforms. During the early 1980s Michael worked in the South African Government as Assistant Director in the Department of Trade and Industries. In the latter part 1985 till 1991 he worked as Strategic Advisor in Taiwan and the Far East for multiple factories in mainly electronics, textile and plastic industries. Late 1991 he moved to Europe where he has held a number of leadership positions in the areas of supply chain, internet of things and operations and business strategy, working with many client organizations. Michael works with clients including governments around the world on Blockchain related initiatives including developing POCs and devising business strategies in digitization, big data, eGovernment solutions, digital financial instruments, payments and settlements systems, supply chain provenance, smart contract applications across various industries and Blockchain security. Since 2014 Michael drives the Core Group initiatives and investments in blockchain technology across all business lines, leading product development, client consulting and implementation. He leads the Core Group’s blockchain strategic engagement, examining how digital identities and services, big data, financial transacting and internet of things are coming together in new ecosystems, building strategic and technology road maps for the major clients of Core Group.