Xiao Dong LI

Establishing Community Children’s Sports Center in China: Focus on Physical Training for children (2-12 years) Through Scientific and Systematic Sports Courses

Early childhood is an important stage in the development of physical quality and basic motor skills learning which in turn are important determinants directly affect the young children’s mastery of special skills and the improvement of physical exercise ability and physical fitness. The physical fitness training equipment for young children plays an important role in the physical training of young children. This presentation explains the interpretation of physical fitness training equipment in competitive, medical and military aspects by logic analysis method, and summarizing definition methods to define the concept of children’s physical training equipment and classify its categories. For early childhood, viewpoints from learning movement skills were summarized as: 1) Early childhood physical fitness has the characteristics of uneven growth and segmentation; 2) The physical fitness training equipment for young children are based on the sensitive period of development of children’s physical quality and basic motor skills, and flexible selection, processing, transformation and reorganization to adapt to the laws and characteristics of children’s physical and mental development; 3) Characteristics of children’s physical training equipment; 4) Children’s physical fitness training equipment combined with basic motor skills and physical quality; 5) Develop and innovate the use of physical fitness training equipment by using corner activities, gross movement development and recent development zone theory; 6) The training effect was significant, indicating that the created corners were selected. Organizational form or method advancement will have a positive training influence for students.

Xiao Dong LI


Director, Zhengzhou BeiTi Culture Communication Ltd.




Xiao Dong Li received his MSc. from Beijing Sport University, China in 2009. He is an expert in children physical fitness and has served as a consultant at Nanjing University Mobile Business Research Center. In May 2014, Mr. Li returned to his ancestral home in Henan Province. With respect and love for his alma mater, Beijing Sport University, he named the registered company – BeiTi, and with the motto of Beijing Sport University – striving for excellence. By naming Zhuoyue children as the brand name, Mr. Li built the first children’s physical fitness gymnasium – Zhuoyue (卓跃) children’s Sports Gymnasium in Zhengzhou, the capital of the province, and started the first step in promoting and marketing children’s physical fitness and sports for children (2–12 years). Currently His Company has established more than 100 centers in 10 provinces and 20 cities in China.