Prof. Dr. Xiaozan WANG

Exploratory Study on Exercise Intervention for Children with ADHD

Studies have indicated that exercise interventions are beneficial for children with ADHD. This study conducted an interview with 22 ADHD children to find the status of their exercise, and explored the effects of exercise interventions on ADHD children’s behavior problems and parent-child relationship through KDL comprehensive exercise interventions based on their gross motor skill development. The results of the interview showed that ADHD children with fewer improvement had 16.67% daily exercise intervention; children with better improvement, daily exercise intervention was 20%; children with significant improvement, it was 22.2%; manipulation skill of ADHD children was significantly weaker than ordinary children (t = -2.946, P = 0.009 <0.05), and there was no significant difference in locomotor skill. After KDL comprehensive exercise intervention, the parent-child relationship of ADHD children was significantly improved (t = -10.141, P = 0.000 <0.05), and the parent-child relationship of families participating in all exercise intervention was significantly better than those who dropped out (t = 2.715, P = 0.011 <0.05); their gross motor skills were also effectively improved (t = -10.750, P = 0.000 <0.05); behavior problems of ADHD children had significant improvement than those who did not  participate in the intervention (t = 2.971, p = 0.01 <0.05).It is suggested that the manipulation skills of children with ADHD need to be improved; the more ADHD children participate in exercise, the better their behavior problems will be improved; KDL comprehensive exercise intervention can effectively improve the parent-child relationship and behavior problems of ADHD children.

Prof. Dr. Xiaozan WANG


Board of Directors, BRICSCESS
Dean, College of Physical Education and Health
Yangtze Youth Scholars of Chinese Ministry of Education
East China Normal University




Prof. Dr. Xiaozan Wang is the Dean of College of Physical Education and Health, East China Normal university, a former president of International Chinese Society for Physical Activities and Health, and Vice President of International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sports. Her research interests are in curriculum of Physical Education and Teaching Reform, learning evaluation of Physical Education, Physical Education Teachers Education, physique monitoring and management of adolescents, and learning interest of Physical Education where she has published widely on these topics. She has led and directed many national initiatives in physical education, including Physical Education and Health Course Criterion, Physical Education Learning Assessment System of Middle and Elementary School, and new courses education methodology of Junior Middle School, Middle and Elementary School. She also has presided over UNESCO-funded projects in the Asia-Pacific region, major projects of the National Social Science Fund as well as 51 projects of the Ministry of Education and Shanghai. She has edited more than 54 books and textbooks in the research for Exercise and Sport, international sport studies, sports science and other high-level journals such as SSCI, SCI, CSSCI, etc. She has published more than 150 academic papers and published more than 50 papers at AERA, AAHPERD, AIESEP, NASPE and other domestic and international academic conferences. Prof. Wang has been the first female Yangtze Youth Scholars of Chinese Ministry of Education, won the first prize of the 4th National Education Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award, and other 54 national and provincial-level teaching and research awards.