Prof. Dr. Gıyasettin DEMİRHAN

Why is Sustainable Physical Activity Necessary Throughout Human Life?

The purpose of this paper is to explain why regular physical activity is a lifelong need for human being. In this context, firstly, it can be said that human being should know well their genetic and cultural characteristics. When these two characteristics are learned well by human being, he/she can make efforts to learn how to take care of the body and how to have an active, healthy and quality lifestyle. As we know, human life is holistic and he/she has a healthier and more quality lifestyle as long as it maintains integrity. Holistic perspective is examined within the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. In order to understand the relationship between these three domains, it is necessary to examine the culture and biological characteristics created by human being in the historical process. This perspective is an important way for children to develop healthy lifestyle, maintain their health and develop a sustainable, healthy and quality lifestyle. When theoretical knowledge, research results and good practices are examined together, it is possible to develop concrete suggestions to them. Because there are periods of human development and habits gained at an early age continue throughout life. Furthermore, regular physical activities contribute to the treatment of several diseases as well as protecting and sustaining our health. In this respect, the contribution of physical activities in establishing a quality life style, protecting and sustaining health, and in the rehabilitation and treatment of diseases is also important. As results, just as war kills indiscriminately, regular physical activity contributes to healthy and quality life without discrimination. Experience gained and proposed changes make change possible.

Prof. Dr. Gıyasettin DEMİRHAN


Board of Directors, GCH
Board of Directors, WLO
World Board of Directors, FIEP
Former President, Turkish Sports Sciences Association
Head of PETE, Faculty of Sports Sciences
Former Dean, Faculty of Sports Sciences
Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey




Prof. Dr. Gıyasettin Demirhan is working at Hacettepe University Faculty of Sport Sciences. He is a member of some international scientific association like AIESEP, FIEP, ECSS. Currently his research interests are critical thinking, attitude, instructional technology in PE and sports, physical activity, academic performance & cognitive functions, risk perception in outdoor-adventure sports & activities. He published 26 articles in international refereed journals and 46 articles in national referred journals. Also, he has two books and 15 book chapters. He presented more than 130 papers in international and national scientific congresses and completed 16 international and national scientific projects in his own research field. He was as keynote and invited speaker at many national and international scientific meetings. Also, he organized many international and national scientific meetings.