Phua Kia WANG

Innovations in Physical Activities Implemented in Singapore’s Primary School

It is essential to re-invent our schools in relation to Singapore’s vision of a SMART (Self-Directed Learner, Values-Motivated Learner, Gracious Arts Connoisseur, Future-Ready Lifelong Learner, Technologically savvy Learner) nation, simultaneously incorporating the United Nations Sustaintable Development Goals (UNSDG) into the school curriculum. This presentation will showcase the best practices of a holistic education in Singapore’s model and pilot school, Fuhua Primary School and North Vista Primary School respectively. In both schools, students are highly encouraged to participate in physical activity (PA) besides Physical Education (PE) lessons and they are also exposed to Outdoor Education. Innovative ideas with technology (e.g. HopSports Brain Breaks, Heart Rate monitoring etc.) are infused during academic, PE, Art and Music lessons to enhance lessons for students. Additionally, students are also taught basic nutrition on choosing healthier food choices. Currently, lessons are gearing towards the objectives and goals of UNSDG, particularly UNSDG #3 Health and Well-Being and #4 Quality Education. The intention is the make Fuhua Primary School a UNSDG, model school with positive programms and activities particularly linked to UNSDG #3 Health and Well-Being and #4 Quality Education to help improve the standards of education for children that looks after their holistic well-being. 

Phua Kia WANG


Principal, Fuhua Primary School, Singapore




Phua Kia Wang is the Principal of Fuhua Primary School, Singapore SMART School of the future. With a 76 year history with humble beginnings, the school is the West Zone Centre of Excellence for Info-Comm Technology (ICT) in Teaching and Learning. The school is collaborating closely with National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. Mr. Phua started his career in education as a teacher in 1986, joining his Alma Mater, St Andrew’s School, after graduating from National University of Singapore with a degree in Economics and Mathematics. He has served in various appointments as Subject Head, Head of Department and Vice-Principal before becoming a Principal. Mr. Phua was also conferred a Master of Art (Educational Administration) by NIE/NTU in 2000. He was also conferred the Public Administration Medal twice in 2007 (Bronze) and 2015 (Silver) by the President of the Republic of Singapore. Mr. Phua has presented papers at several International Conferences and was invited as a Distinguished Speaker at the Global Forum on Physical Health Pedagogy at United States of America (USA), Germany and South Africa. He has also co-published a paper on School and Community-Based Physical Education and Healthy Active Living Programs, Holistic Practices in Hong Kong, Singapore and USA. At present, he is paving the path to make Fuhua Primary School a UNSDG model school.