From Ethical Codes in Sports to Ethical Culture: Nudges and KPI

Nowadays, it is an unquestionable imperative the need of ethics management in the current sports organizations, especially in federations and clubs which do not only limit themselves just to manage sports practice but also do it in an ethical way. Although from an explanatory point of view, this is due especially to the corruption and doping scandals that have shaken sports in the recent years. So sports organizations should assume as a proper identity an ethical management that extols the values which sport tries to highlight.
In this sense, federations and clubs have been incorporating ethical codes to its legal standards where they include principles and values that define the organization and the goals they try to achieve. Nevertheless, several of these ethical codes remain as a wish instead of being a real practice. That is why, in addition to these ethical codes where principles and values are registered, sports organizations should introduce new ways of management with a legal impact that are already being used in other areas (such as companies and administrations) as nudges and devices that allow us to know the level of success of the ethical management with a higher level of certainty through Key Performance Indicators (KPI).



Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)
Asociación Española de Filosofía del Deporte (AEFD)




José Luis Pérez Triviño is a professor of Philosophy of Law at the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). He is has PhD on Law and Philosophy, and Obtained a Master Degrees on European studies and Sports Law, as well as on International Sports Law. His main research field is based in governance and ethics in sports, and the impact of technology in sports.
Pérez Triviño is the editor of Fair Play: Journal of Philosophy, Ethics and Sports Law and member of many scientific committees of several journals. He has been a member at the Ethics Commission of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and the president of the Spanish Association for Sports Philosophy. Pérez Triviño teaches in several national and international master degrees, with subjects related to Ethics and Sports Law. He has also published more than 70 scientific papers in Spanish and international journals, and several books as for example Challenges of modern sport to Ethics.