Dr. Miranda CHIN

Dancing with the World: Aim for Globalize Harmony with Holistic Health through Performing and Education

Chin’s Dance = Chinese culture + Chinese Philosophy + Health + Martial art + Contemporary Arts.

The Chinese culture and philosophy got over 5,000 years in history, while Martial Arts and Tai Chi is one of the most representative elements in it. Through applying these elements into simplified contemporary dances, the general public can easily get in touch with dances and getting good health and be able to sense the spirit of Chinese culture particularly the feeling of harmony with the nature. Chin had produced eight series of martial art and dances for reflecting the source of the martial arts, principle of movement, Yi philosophy, the five elements of nature, health and living philosophy. Chin will explain the creation process of these eight series of dance including how she did the research and development. We see and feel then we dance, we dance to show what we see and feel, that means dance is a body language. It is therefore dances are the history of people’s culture and philosophy. Thus Chin’s dance tells the contemporary ways, shows the culture and spirit of Chinese. Through explanation, video, this presentation may lead students and professionals to understand what Chin’s dances bring to them …… Chinese culture, Chinese philosophy, good health, spiritual state via contemporary dynamic movement. Then she will share her concept and process of her recent artistic development is on mergering Chinese culture into simplifed dances for promoting Chinese culture and health and is now has over 56 countries applying it.

Dr. Miranda CHIN, MFA, MBA


Artistic Director, Miranda Chin Dance Company
Principal, Danceland School
Past Vice-Chair, Hong Kong Dance Federation Ltd.
Examiner, Dance Committee of the HKADC




Dr. Miranda Chin Sau Lin is the artistic director of Miranda Chin Dance Company and the principal of Danceland School. Chin was listed as a modern dance choreographer of the first generation in Hong Kong by a book entitled Dance History of Hong Kong in 2001. There were over 100 pieces of creative dance work choreographed by Chin and tour performed over 10 countries. She was a Vice-president of Hong Kong Dance Federation. Chin won the dancer of the Year Award from the Hong Kong Artists’ Guild in 1989. She was listed in the Who’s Who of Centemporary Achievement and received the World Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Biographical Institute. Since 2001, she has created a series of contemporary Chinese cultural dance “Martial Arts & Tai Chi” which embodied chinese philosophy, martial arts and the harmony with the nature. She was a senior Visiting Scholar at the Beijing Sport University since 2004. Chin wrote a book to share with readers the process and experience of her exploration, realization and experimentation during the creation of the dances for Wuji in 2001-2008. In 2011, Chin gave touring lectures at universities of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In 2017, Dr. Miranda Chin was awarded as one of the ‘Top 100 Artists’ in the areas of Dance, as an Artistic Director & Choreographer granted by the International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, the United Kingdom.