Yew Cheo NG

Soy Milk Protein Supplementation and Its Effects on Performance

Most athletes often look for nutrients to supplement their daily diet to aid their recovery or enhance their athletic performance. Past research studies concluded that soy milk helps improve performance and recovery. Purpose of this study was to investigate if soy milk has any significant impact on anaerobic performance using the repeated anaerobic sprint test (RAST). 10 healthy males (23.2 ± 1.23 years) participated in this study. They underwent two RAST, one with soy milk intervention (SMI; 500ml soy milk + 4g stevia sweetener) and the other placebo intervention (PI 500ml water + 4g stevia sweetener) that took place over 7 days. RAST consisted of 35m sprints x 6 sets with 10 seconds rest intervals between sets. Mean power output (PO), sprint timings, heart rate (HR), rate of perceived exertion (RPE), blood glucose (BG) and lactate (BL) levels, faitgue index, and hunger and fullness measurements were taken. Significant difference was found for fatigue index between SMI and PI (SMI: 31.64 ± 5.20 %, PI: 37.30 ± 5.70 %, p = 0.023). No significant differences were found for mean PO (p = 0.410) and relative PO (p = 0.461). Negative significant correlations were found in SMI between peak BL and mean PO (r = – 0.654), BG and mean PO (r = – 0.662). Significant correlations were found in SMI between peak BL and fatigue index (r = 0.682), BG and fatigue index (r = 0.667). Soy milk supplementation significantly reduced fatigue index but did not significantly increase PO.


Authors: Ng Yew Cheo, Dr. G. Balasekaran & Pan Shi Yu.

Yew Cheo NG


Bachelor Student in Sports and Physical Education
Future Leader/Volunteer (FLV) of Global Community Health (GCH)
Singapore University of Social Sciences
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University (Alumni)




Yew Cheo NG is currently pursuing her Bachelor in Sports and Physical Education, working full-time and concurrently running and training competitively at national level under her supervisor and coach, Dr. Balasekaran. She also does research that focuses on human performance and physical education. She is also an IAAF Youth level 1 certified coach and coaches voluntarily. She has also often gone beyond her time to help coach many young children and motivate their interest in running. She has also conducted workshops, developed videos and CDs on running tactics and prevention of injuries from running. She has also worked on the Brain Breaks study in Singapore and is helping Fuhua Primary School efforts to make it the UNSGD lab of the future.