Research on the Effect of Sports Games on Correcting Aggressive Behavior of Junior Middle School Students

China’s economy and the implementation of family planning, there are more and more doting on children in the family. Students often tend to be self-centered and it’s difficult for them to adapt to the collective life and get along well with their classmates, which leads to resistance and aggressive behavior. In this study, It added scientific, interesting, cooperative and implementable sports games into the 15 period of PE classes. And research subjects including ten boys and ten girls were divided into the sports game intervention group and the no game intervention group. According to the level of aggressive behavior, 20 students were recorded and observed through the “chili sauce” paradigm and the error paradigm before and after the test. Comparison of the difference of aggressive behavior between the two groups will then be conducted. The purpose of this study is to provide a scientific method for the correction of aggressive behavior of junior high school students. The results showed that the amount of capsicum sauce dumped in the sports game intervention group was lower than that in the no game intervention group on average, and the weapons selected in the sports game intervention group were less lethal than another group. The conclusion is that sports games can correct the aggressive behavior of junior high school students, alleviate their revenge and violence, but they still have venting psychology. Sports games can inhibit impulsive behavior and let students learn to control their own behavior. 



MSc. Student
School of Physical Education and Sport
Soochow University
Future Leader/Volunteer (FLV) of Global Community Health (GCH)




Yana Jiang graduated from Anhui Normal University with a bachelor’s degree in education and received the award of “Excellent Student” in Anhui Province. Now she is a graduate student of Soochow University in 2019, majoring in physical education under the supervision of Prof. Jian hui Dai. From 2015 to 2016, she won the championship of group C of University in the final of National Cheerleading League. The research area that she is interested in is sport pedagogy and sociology of sport and now serving as assistant to Prof. Dai in scientific research.