Shilei QIAO

Research on the Formation Process of Pre-service PE Teachers’ Professional Identity

The pre-service phase is a very important part of the physical education teacher’s entry into this profession. A strong occupational identity is a motivation to drive pre-service physical education teachers to develop operational capacity and professional qualities in their entire career, which is also an internal motivation. The purpose of this study is to investigate the characters in their process of growing professional identity. Methods: A total of eight pre-service PE teachers were interviewed in this research. The semi-structured interview was the dominate form of data collection. The coding analysis included familiarization, coding, generating themes, reviewing themes, as well as defining and naming themes. Results: (1) A pre-service PE teacher’s professional identity is diverse – including the individual’s personality traits, life experience, positive reflection of personal experiences, the experience of educational practice, perception of career development and the role of the social environment; (2) A pre-service physical education teacher’s professional identity growing process has four periods – germination, adaptation, development, and stabilization; (3) Pre-service physical education teachers in different stages of career development have different occupational identity connotations; (4) Key events and/or people occurrence play an important role in the process of their professional identity formation. Conclusion: Positive reflection can play an important role for them to develop a professional identity. The process of pre-service PE teachers’ professional identity development is dynamic, which is also a process for them to find «who I am». Key events and/or people are the main factors influencing the formation of pre-service PE teachers’ professional identity.

Shilei QIAO


Research Associate / PhD Student
School of Physical Education
Henan University




Shilei Qiao has research experience both in America and China. With the love of conducting the Quality Physical Education to across the world, Shilei Qiao is pursuing his PhD degree with the major of Physical Education Pedagogy & Training at Henan University. Also, he earned the master degrees from Troy University in Sports & Fitness Management and Henan University in Physical Education Teacher Education. He values the learning from both practical experience and classes. Shilei Qiao has worked in several positions to bring what he learned in the classes to the field, by doing this, the experiences from working with these athlete programs promote creative thinking for his study and research. Since January 2021, he is a member of the FLV program.