Mona Liza Adviento MAGHANOY

A Mixed Methods Approach on the Prevalence of Mental Health Problems in Collegiate Student-Athletes

The student-athletes’ dual roles and the stress they encounter in handling dual responsibilities appear to make them susceptible to mental health problems. This study aims to find empirical evidence as to the prevalence of mental health challenges among this subgroup. This study uses a Mixed Methods Approach. The Beck’s Depression Inventory( BDI) is administered to 500 student. One-on-one semi-structured interviews with those identified to be at high-risk for depression using the BDI to explore their perception on their signs and symptoms and their awareness of mental-health problems is also conducted. Results from the semi-structured interview are analyzed through a thematic analysis of qualitative data. Differences among groups such as year level, gender and type of sport are seen based on the Inventory.  Results from Interviews showed correspondence with the Beck Depression Inventory results. There is a prevalence of student-athletes that perceive they are experiencing signs and symptoms of mental health problems. However, participants are not aware that their perceived  signs and symptoms suggest Depression. Such result merits further investigation and can be a basis for programs that addresses the increased risk of student-athletes to developing mental health problems due to multiple sources of stress.

Mona Liza Adviento MAGHANOY


Assistant Professor 1
Future Leader/Volunteer (FLV) of Global Community Health (GCH)
Department of Sports Science
College of Human Kinetics
University of the Philippines, Diliman




Mona Maghanoy is currently a faculty member under the Department of Sports Science in the College of Human Kinetics, University of the Philippines, Diliman. She handles different sports science classes for undergraduate students. She also facilitates psychological skills training for student-athletes. She has been a member of the FLV program since 2013 has participated in various conferences. Her interests and specialization are in the field of Sport Psychology and she is part of the pioneering group of professionals promoting this in the Philippines.