Mingming GUO

Research on the Relationship between College Students’ Physical Fitness and Running Behavior

The purpose of this study is to examine the correlation between the physical fitness of college students and their daily running habits. A total of 718 college students from East China Normal University participated in this study (385 boys and 333 girls). Each participant participated in the Chinese Students’ Physical Fitness Test and required to use the College Sports APP to record running data for each run during 2019 school year. Researchers can export running data through the APP’s management platform, including the total running distance, the overall number of runs and the average distance per run. The result of the correlation analysis shows that: (a) The total running distance showed a significant negative correlation with Vital Capacity (VC), Sitting Body Flexion (SBF), and Long Jump (LJ) (rVC = -.08, pVC <0.05; rSBF = -.08, pSBF <0.05; rLJ = -.09, pLJ <0.05), and showing a significant positive correlation with 50-Meter Running (50R) (r50R = .11, p 50R <0.01); (b) The overall number of runs had a significant positive correlation with endurance performance (1000-meters running for boys and 800-meters running for girls, r = .08, p <0.05); (c) The average distance per run was significantly positive correlation with 50R (r50R = .33, p50R <0.01). This study shows that there is a positive correlation between college students’ total running distance and their speed, and a negative correlation with their flexibility, strength, and VC, but the reason needs to be further explored. In addition, the endurance performance of college students had only a positive correlation with their overall number of runs, and there is no significant correlation with running distance and running time, indicating that students with good endurance prefer short distance but high frequency running compared to long-distance running.


Authors: Mingming Guo1 & Xiaozan Wang1

1 College of Physical Education &Health, East China Normal University (ECNU, China)

Mingming GUO


PhD Student
College of Physical Education and Health,
East China Normal University




Mingming GUO is a PhD student in the College of Physical Education & Health at East China Normal University. He joined the Global Community Health (GCH) in September 2020 and became the future leader volunteer. His research interests are mainly focused on the use of information technology to improve the physical health of children and adolescents, including using wearable devices in physical education classes, or wearing smart watches in daily activities, so as to monitor students’ physical activity and give corresponding suggestions. He has participated in a series of global and national research projects related to the health of children and adolescents, and is currently leading a national project on the use of new information technology in physical education classes, and a Shanghai project based on artificial intelligence to improve children’s and adolescents’ health.