Mehwish D/O Manzoor AHMAD

Educational Performance and Physical Activity: The Mediating Effect of Self-respect and Depression

An important step to enhance the educational efficiency of students is increasing their physical Activity. For this reason, it is necessary to see to what extent physical activity is related to the educational Performance of the students and what might mediate this. A major objective of the study is to explore Self-respect and depression as mediators between physical activity and educational performance. On the basis of informed consent to participate in the study, 358 participants have been selected From Universities in Pakistan, and they were asked about their physical activity, depression during their study and self-respect through self-report. Educational performance had been measured as the cumulative Grade point average (CGPA) of the last two consecutive semesters. Self-respect and depression were found to be significant mediators between physical activity and educational performance. The total Effect of physical activity on educational performance was significant but smaller than the total indirect Effect through mediators. Though total indirect effect is the combination of the effect of self-respect And depression, but the larger contribution is of self-respect which has been found to be the strongest Mediator between physical activity and educational performance.

Mehwish D/O Manzoor AHMAD


B.Sc. in Computer Science, Preston University
Ph.D. Scholar, Physical Education & Sports Science
University of Sindh Jamshoro
Department of Physical Education & Sports Science
University of Narowal




Mehwish D/O Manzoor Ahmad is Ph.D. scholar in Physical Education and Sports Science from university of Sindh Jamshoro. She received B.Sc. in computer science from Preston University in Pakistan in 2012. Currently Mehwish is working as a lecturer in University of Narowal. She is member of International Federation of Physical Education, Fitness and Sports Science Association and a strong member of International Advisory Committee for the International Federation of Fitness, Health Physical Education and Iron Games. She has also attended many international conferences. Her major research interests are on health education, physical activity, community health, active life style and physical education and sports science. Since August 2020, Mehwish is a member of the Future Leader/ Volunteer (FLV) programme under the leadership of Professor Ming-Kai Chin.