Gin Jinyu SHI

Sport Events as Tool to Enhancing a Cooperate Relationship in Company Business

As we know, the world is constantly changing with competition getting rougher and fiercer. Enterprises want to maintain existing customers and attract potential customers in an effort to establish and long-term business relationship. Therefore, effective channels and platforms to maintain customer relationships are important to improve competitiveness (Yuan and Xu,2009).
To develop and sustain business to business partnerships, effectively maintaining customer relationships would be advantageous for a company through hosting sporting events to improve its corporate relations and gain competitive edge over its market competitors. As a case analysis, this study was designed to conduct a preliminary investigation into participants’ cognitive and affective assessments of a J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge (MCC) running event held in Shanghai, China and their impact on the commitment level of business clients on J.P. Morgan as the event sponsoring company.
Methods: Through a comprehensive review of literature related to customer maintenance (e.g., Ajzen and Fishbein,1980; Min and Zhou,2002; Su, 2010; Yuan and Xu, 2009; Zhang et al., 2005, 2009), a survey form was formulated for customer assessment of relationship maintenance, which included items measuring perceived improvement in customer relations, satisfaction, and loyalty. The items were phrased into a Likert 5-point scale.
Results: Descriptive statistics were calculated for the survey variables. As the items were measured on a Likert 5-point scales, all items had their mean scores greater than 3.0: i.e. the neutral point on the Likert scale. Five factors emerged for the perception variables, which were labeled as Emotion, Belief, Image, Service Value Added, and Commitment.

Gin Jinyu SHI


Future Leader/Volunteer (FLV) of Global Community Health (GCH)
PE (sports dancing ) teacher in Shanghai Tianyuan High School
Msc, Shanghai University of Sports
Visiting Scholar, University of Georgia, USA




Gin Jinyu Shi received Physical education master in Shanghai University of Sports in 2012-2015 and be visiting scholar in the University of Georgia. Her major research interest is on children health or health education, sport management to promote relationship or active lifestyle promotion, technology-assisted sport. She has been involved in several projects related with technology-assisted games, and also scientific conferences with themes related with physical activity and sport management.