Dr. Kalkidan ZEGEYE, MD

Effects of Menstrual Cycle on Sports Performance, Experience and Perception of Ethiopian Professional Female Athletes

The overall aim of the study is to examine the effects of menstrual cycle on female athletes’ performance along with their experience and perception. A cross-sectional study design was applied by questionnaire constituting of 20 questions about menstrual cycle, experiences and perceptions of it distributed among 20 female athletes who are on the long list of the Ethiopian national team for Tokyo 2020 Olympics. There aren’t researches done in our country regarding this topic which led to a huge gap in interventions and in creating awareness amongst women in sports. The minimum age of menarche among the subjects was 13 and maximum was 18.The study revealed 65% of the athletes their performance outcome did affected due to menstrual – and premenstrual symptoms (PMS). 35 %of the study subjects didn’t show any effect on their performance outcome.60% of the study subject didn’t have any awareness or knowledge about menstrual cycle prior to their first experience .The other 40%of them are fully aware about menstrual cycle and its effect on their performance. This research is an attempt to shine light in the gaps and problems around perception of menstruation. Researches like these will create a platform for interventions especially in a society like ours where the perception towards menstrual cycle is backwards and not appealing. We hope for this study to provide the first in-depth insight into athlete’s experiences of the menstrual cycle and perceived impact on training and competition. It will address individual responses to personal encounters regarding menstruation and will focus on the need for a multi-disciplinary approach to helping athletes understand their body and in creating awareness.

Dr. Kalkidan ZEGEYE, MD


General Practitioner / Msc Student
Ras Desta Damtew Memorial Hospital, 1032
Addis Ababa




Dr. Kalkidan ZEGEYE, MD received her degree of Doctor of Medicine at Hayat Medical Collage, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and is currently pursuing her MSc in public health. Since 2019 she works as an executive member of Ethiopian football federation medical team mainly a team doctor for the female national team. She is also an active member of Ethiopian medical women association. Dr. Zegeye has volunteered in several region of Ethiopia to lecture sport science courses such anatomy and physiology. she is also a team who were deployed to COVID treatment center at the peak of the pandemic. Since December 2020, she is a member of the FLV program.