Dr. Fikreyesus ADULA

The Impact of Covid-19 in the Sports Ecosystem of Hadiya and Kembatta Zones

The Covid-19’s impact in the world stroke each corner of the human being disrupting the economic, social and political spheres enforcing movement restrictions, limited businesses and in the worst scenario the demise of thousands of lives from all races, colors and nations. Similarly, the sports ecosystem of Hadiya and Kembata Tembaro Zones that encompass the players, coaches, fans, media and institution in these areas prone to this global challenge. Sport-related activities that have a GDP of 279.7 billion euro (i.e., 2.12% of total GDP in the European Union (EU)) are also axed by this viral infection evading its revenue.1 Its crisis has enormously affected companies in sports events, media and marketing such as Wanda Sports Group’s (WSG) reported with a loss of about €163.7 million (US$180.3 million), due to banned mass gatherings in sportsarenas.2 The aim of the study is to investigate the impact of Covid-19 Sport Ecosystem in 2020/21.The research will be carried out in Hadiya and Kembata Tembaro Zone Ethiopia. A stratified two-stage random sampling technique will be employed for the population within both zones with known sampling frame and a representative sample will be drawn accordingly. The study will help the community to identify the challenges and the way outs to tackle it in sport ecosystem.


Authors: Fikreyesus Adula1 & Ashenafi Abebe2

1 Assistant Professor, Wachemo University, Ethiopia

2 Lecturer in the Department of Statistics, Wachemo University, Ethiopia

Dr. Fikreyesus ADULA


Assistant Professor
Wachemo University




Dr. Fikreyesus Adula is an Assistant Professor at Wachemo Univeristy, Ethiopia. He completed Bachelor of Health and Physical Education, Master of Football Coaching and PhD at Kotebe College of Teachers Education, Addis Ababa University and University of KwaZulu-Natal, respectively. His research interest is in monitoring football coaching and methodology of coaching. Some of his researches’ findings are presented in national and internationals conferences. Since childhood he was interested in games and sports. He is interested to promote sports games, physical education and, recreation. As a coach, he managed football and basketball teams in intergovernmental universities tournaments in Ethiopia. He has the experience of planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating sports festivals in his local community in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental institutions in the area.