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The University of Barcelona

The UB today

Read about the figures and statistics that describe the UB’s activity,
its position in international ranking tables assessing teaching and research
activity, the awards and honours that UB community members
have received, its distinguished alumni, and the University’s international
reach. And also discover what it’s like to be a student here!

The University of Barcelona’s international reach

The University of Barcelona engages in a considerable number of
international programs and projects, including academic exchange
programs, solidarity projects, development cooperation projects and

Our urban setting


The UB is above all an urban university, outward-reaching and cosmopolitan
like the city in which its campuses live. And because of this, it
plays a direct and active part in the urban fabric of Barcelona, becoming
a hub of cultural activity for the city itself.
The UB campuses are spread out across the entire inner-city area, thus
fostering a series of close ties between the institution of our University
and the city around us. These ties contribute to the human and cultural
environment present in certain parts of Barcelona and enables
members of the university community to enjoy both the city’s services
and those of the UB .

Our history

1402 The Estudi General of Medicine and the Arts.
1450 The Estudi General of Barcelona.
1559 The Estudi General of all the faculties.
1714 With the capture of Barcelona by the French in the War
of Spanish Succession, all studies are moved to Cervera.
1842 The University is permanently restored to the city of Barcelona.
1874 The Historic Building at Plaça de la Universitat.
1933 The University approves its Statute of Autonomy.
1939 The Franco dictatorship brings a period of severe repression.
1985 University autonomy is restored.

Get to know us


Read about the most important events in our 564 years of history,
about how the UB became part of the city of Barcelona, the six campuses
containing our various departments, faculties and schools, and
the University’s commitment to the local community and to society at
large. And take a virtual tour around the UB’s Historic Building.